10 Habits That May Be Damaging Your Mouth

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No matter how young or old you may be, your oral hygiene is as important as it was the day your first tooth emerged. The bacteria that seek to destroy our teeth never take a day off, and neither should we. We must be diligent in caring for our teeth and gums to ensure a healthy, confident smile. Below are ten habits that may be damaging your mouth:

  1. Do you ever open things with your teeth?
  2. Do you have a tongue piercing?
  3. Do you ever chew on hard candy?
  4. Are you a binge eater?
  5. Do you ever chew on ice cubes?
  6. Do you ever chew on pens, pencils, or other objects?
  7. Do you drink sports drinks or processed juices?
  8. Do you grind your teeth when you sleep?
  9. Do you play contact sports without a mouth guard?
  10. Do you ever have snacks in between meals?

If you answered no to all ten questions, congratulations! You are on track for a healthy, confident smile. To find out more about how you can protect your teeth, please give our Wheelock & Associates Dentistry team at 712-274-2038 today. You can also stop by our office in Sioux City, Iowa. Dr. Douglas Wheelock and our skilled team are always ready to help you maintain your oral health.