All You Need to Know About the Different Types of Mouthwash

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Are you interested in adding rinsing with mouthwash to your oral hygiene regimen? If so, you probably have many questions about the type of mouthwash to use. Fortunately, there are different types that can help you achieve the results you want—you just need to know what to look for. To help you, our dentist, Dr. Dr Ryan Baller, is happy to tell you about the types of mouthwashes available.

-Breath-freshening mouthwash: Generally, every type of mouthwash can freshen your breath. However, there are certain mouthwashes that only freshen the breath. They do not clean or help the smile. Usually, the mouthwashes that freshen the breath also whiten the smile. This type of mouthwash is called cosmetic mouthwash.

-Fluoride mouthwash: This type of mouthwash has fluoride in it, which is a natural mineral that can strengthen and nourish your tooth enamel. Rinsing with this mouthwash can help you fight cavities and enamel erosion.

-Antibacterial mouthwash: This type of mouthwash helps you kill the bacteria in your mouth. This is a great product to use if you’re interested in preventing plaque buildup and gum disease.

Now, no matter which mouthwash you choose, it’s best to use one that has been approved by the American Dental Association. That way you know it’s safe and effective for your mouth. If you have any questions about mouthwash in Sioux City, Iowa, please reach out to Wheelock & Associates Dentistry at 712-274-2038. Our dental team is happy to help you!