Oral Issues: Bad Breath Awareness

Bad breath is an unfortunate oral issue that can be awkward for the patient and repellant to the unlucky people around him/her. Not surprisingly, the store counters are filled to overflowing with mints, chewing gum and breath fresheners. While these interim remedies may be helpful to mask some odors, they are only temporary measures. Halitosis,… Read more »

The Benefits of a Professional Dental Examination

If you’re interested in knowing how a professional dental examination can benefit you, then you have come to the right blog. Our dentist, Dr. , is happy to tell you all about how dental exams can help you, your smile, and your oral health. They offer many benefits, like: -Dental exams can identify any dental… Read more »

Teeth Suffering from Enamel Erosion Are at an Increased Risk for Cavities

Healthy tooth enamel is composed of a dense matrix of microscopic mineral crystals. This is what gives teeth the necessary hardness to bite and process food for safe swallowing, while also resisting the bacterial demineralization of tooth decay. An inconsistent daily oral hygiene routine, or failing to attend your regularly scheduled dental checkups at can… Read more »

Dental Advice on Halitosis Prevention

  Treating bad breath begins with understanding the causes of bad breath. Until you understand what’s causing your bad breath, it cannot be adequately treated. If you try to treat it without knowing its cause, it may continually return. Even using substances to help freshen your breath will not be effective, as the underlying cause… Read more »

Dentistry Topics for Beginners: Oral Cancer Screenings

Every single year in America, over 42,000 individuals will be diagnosed with oral or throat cancer. These cancers are extremely deadly and contain a 5-year survival rate of roughly 64%. This means it is imperative to have it found early on. To help protect your mouth from the dangers of oral cancer, it is important… Read more »

Pregnancy and X-rays

Most people can see that radiation can cause cancer. That’s why we get lots of inquiries and voiced concerns from pregnant mothers who need X-rays for dental procedures. We totally get the concern, and we’d like to answer and resolve it. First, please understand that radiation from X-rays is very low and carries very little… Read more »

All You Need to Know About the Different Types of Mouthwash

Are you interested in adding rinsing with mouthwash to your oral hygiene regimen? If so, you probably have many questions about the type of mouthwash to use. Fortunately, there are different types that can help you achieve the results you want—you just need to know what to look for. To help you, our dentist, Dr…. Read more »

Emergency Dental Care Is Often Necessary When Dealing with a Knocked Out Tooth

Sometimes a blow to the face can carry enough force to cause severe dental trauma. This might cause a tooth to shatter or even break off at the gumline. In an extreme case, the force might be sufficient to sever the periodontal ligaments that anchor a tooth in the gums, effectively knocking it out of… Read more »

Laser Gum Treatments Can Restore Your Healthy Smile

If you need help restoring your smile because of problems with your gums, we can help. A healthy smile is dependent on healthy gums as well as teeth. Unfortunately, gum disease is actually quite common and can invite disastrous effects on your oral health. Caused by dental plaque infecting gum tissue, gum disease results in gum tissue… Read more »

A Fast-Paced Lifestyle Can Affect Your Oral Health

Your smile is faced with many obstacles each day, including threats from sugar, acid, and carbohydrates. Another obstacle is a fast-paced lifestyle, whether you believe it or not. In fact, a fast-paced lifestyle can harm your teeth and gums more than you might realize. This is why our dentist, Dr. , strongly encourages you to… Read more »