What Are the Benefits of Under Armour® Performance Mouth Guards?

Although there are numerous oral health care techniques you can use to keep your mouth clean and fresh, including brushing and flossing daily and visiting your dentist for regular check-ups, it is important to care for your teeth against oral accidents and injuries that can arise. One way to prevent damage is by wearing protective… Read more »

Improve and Enhance Your Smile with Oral Health Care Techniques

Even though it’s easy to dismiss our oral health care as adequate, the truth is that mastering the art of oral health should be a quest that everyone undertakes, because it is one that never truly finished. Even if you do everything right one year for your teeth and gums, the next year you’re your… Read more »

Principles Concerning Oral Cancer

Are you aware that roughly 42,000 people in the United States every year are diagnosed with oral cancer? Given how widespread oral cancer is, you should make the time to have a yearly screening to test for oral cancer. If you notice any indiscretions in your mouth, speak with your dentist about scheduling an oral… Read more »

Signs You May Have Sleep Apnea

Snoring can be benign and the result of a structural issue, but it can also can be sign of sleep apnea – where your breathing is obstructed throughout the night, which stops your breathing for a few seconds, often many times an hour. You may be at risk for sleep apnea if you: -Are male… Read more »

How to Steer Clear of Oral Hazards

If you want the greatest oral health imaginable, start by steering clear of oral hazards. Your tooth enamel – the outward most layer of your teeth – is strong, but it needs your help to stay that way. Here are some ways that you can avoid harming your teeth: – Never smoke or chew tobacco… Read more »

History of Toothpaste

You use toothpaste every day, but do you ever wonder where it came from? The journey of toothpaste through time is an interesting one full of interesting and creative dental solutions for tooth decay. Toothpaste’s chemical makeup fluctuated and changed a lot, but it eventually made its way to the modern minty fresh formula that… Read more »

Xylitol: Your Oral Health Sweetener

When it comes to your oral health, xylitol is a miracle. Why? Because unlike most sweeteners, it actually improves the state of your teeth! Here’s why: –Bacteria Prevention: Most bacteria can’t digest xylitol, drastically slowing their growth. Xylitol also coats the teeth so microorganisms do not stick well to their surface. Less bacteria means less… Read more »

Where Bad Breath Comes From

Do you have consistent bad breath that makes your daily conversations stressful? If so, you are not alone. Having bad breath, also known as halitosis, is a common condition that often goes untreated until other serious situations occur. That is why our team here at in , , is happy to talk to you about… Read more »

Dental Stains from Dark Beverages and Tobacco Use Might Need a Dental Bleaching Treatment

If you drink dark beverages on a regular basis or you use tobacco products on an occasional or frequent basis, it can turn your smile an unsightly shade of yellow. In a situation like this, the whitening products sold in stores will likely lack the potency to fully brighten your tooth enamel. At the same… Read more »

Can Sugarless Gum Really Be Used to Fight Cavities?

Can sugarless gum really be used to fight cavities? According to many studies that have been done, chewing sugarless gum for roughly 20 minutes after eating can help guard your tooth enamel. The benefits are due to an increase in saliva production, which can wash away plaque buildup, neutralize harmful acids, and prevent cavities. Here… Read more »