Tips on How to Help Your Child Through an Oral Emergency

Is your child experiencing a dental emergency? If so, there are things you should do to help your child and help improve the situation. First, you need to keep calm and try to sooth and calm your child down. Next, you should do the following things: -For a knocked-out tooth: If the tooth was knocked… Read more »

Gum Disease Can Be Caused by a Variety of Factors

In the battle for a safe and healthy smile, we must constantly care for our teeth and gums from any risks that seek to harm them. Sometimes, the risks come in the form of bacteria and the foods we eat. Other times, the risks can be external forces that we may have no control over…. Read more »

Have You Heard About Invisalign®?

Have you heard about Invisalign®? If not, it is an extremely popular form of orthodontic aligner system that is custom designed based on your dental profile. The most exciting part of Invisalign lies in the materials used to make it, a patented thermoplastic, which grants the aligners the ability to be removed on command. In… Read more »

What Foods Help Your Teeth

As you may know, certain foods can harm your pearly whites. For instance, foods and drinks like soda and candy can damage your teeth and cause tooth decay. However, did you know that there are several foods that could actually help your teeth? For example, you probably know that an apple is good for your… Read more »

The Basics about Dental Fillings

Do you have tooth decay that needs to be repaired? Drs. Wheelock, Bursick, and Post may recommend a dental filling in , , to restore your tooth. Our dentists will remove the decay and then fill the area with the dental filling material. How is a dental filling placed? Our dentists will numb the area… Read more »

Gum Disease and Its Common Risk Factors

The first step to preventing periodontal gum disease is knowing what your greatest risk factors are. If you know what causes gum disease, you have a much better chance at fighting it and preventing it completely. Periodontal gum disease happens when bacteria in your mouth begin to attack the healthy tissue around your teeth. If left… Read more »

10 Habits That May Be Damaging Your Mouth

No matter how young or old you may be, your oral hygiene is as important as it was the day your first tooth emerged. The bacteria that seek to destroy our teeth never take a day off, and neither should we. We must be diligent in caring for our teeth and gums to ensure a… Read more »

Use It Don’t Lose It!

It’s that time of year, no not Thanksgiving, although we at Wheelock, Bursick and Jensen we have a lot to be thankful for.  It is the time of year you need to check with your dental insurance company or flex spending administrator to see if you have unused benefits for 2015.  Don’t leave these precious… Read more »

Tips for Oral Health 101 #2

Floss at least twice a day.  It removes plaque brushing can’t get. + Wrap an 18-inch piece of floss around your middle fingers. + Gently guide the piece of floss around your middle fingers. + Gently guide the piece of floss between your teeth. + Pull the floss in a “C” shape around your tooth…. Read more »

Great Oral Health 101

Brush at least twice a day!  Ideally, brush your teeth after each meal.  Use a tooth paste with fluoride.  Use proper technique: + Tilt the brush at a 45-degree angle to your teeth. + Brush your teeth in short, cicular motions. Brush the gum line, too. + Always brush gently with a soft tooth brush.