Pucker Up and Cover Up

It is hot and sunny outside!  Summer is not officially here but it sure feels like it. Don’t forget to to protect your lips this summer.  Sunscreen has become a way of life during our sunny Mid West summers but don’t forget your lips.  Lips are very tender tissue and burn easily. Unprotected lips can burn… Read more »

School Check-ups

Did you know that all children starting kindergarten and the ninth grade in the Sioux City School System must have a dental check-up.  These are required.  Also if you are new to the SC School System you must also have a recent check-up.  Now is the time to schedule appointments for your students.  Get the… Read more »

Cold Sores — Ugh

Cold sores hurt and are very unattractive.  Want yours gone before they even appear? We treat cold sores in our office with a laser.  At the first tingling sign before the cold sore even appears is when it needs to be treated.  It is a painless treatment. According to some research a cold sore will never… Read more »

Morningside Days Parade

May is here tomorrow! Where has the year gone? May 16th is the Morningside Days Parade.  Come watch the parade and cheer our entry.  We will be handing out tooth brushes and tooth paste to parade watchers.  We have a giant tooth brush that will amaze you.  Morningside Days has been going on for the… Read more »

FOP Awareness Day

Today is FOP Awareness Day.  What’s that you might ask?  FOP is a horrible gentic disease that when a patient with FOP is injured or has any type of trauma causing swelling the body wants to replace the swollen tissue with bone.  This causes the body to create an additional skeleton.  The ultimate result is… Read more »

White As A Ghost

Today is Halloween and there are many scary, funny, and downright gruesome costumes out there.  Halloween only lasts for one day but your smile is yours for life.  Why not make yours “white as a ghost”?  We offer several diffent types of bleaching that will turn your Halloween grin into a smile that will shine brightly all… Read more »

Halloween — Think Outside the Box

Halloween is just a few days away.  What are you giving to those little ghosts and goblins that ring you doorbell?  Remember there are many alternatives to the traditional sugary candy treats.  Think outside the box.  How about a nickel or a coupon to your local fast food restaurant or candy that contains Xylitol, a cavity… Read more »

Don’t Lose Out

2012 is quickly coming to an end.  We like to remind each of our patients to get the most  out of their insurance benefits before the New Year begins, and with it another deductible. Don’t wait until your renewal date.  If you have any unused benefits and you’re due for an examination or treatment, call us… Read more »

Under Armour Mouth Guards

Athletic trauma, fights or accidents cause  most tooth loss in people under the age of 35.  We are not sure what we can do to keep you out or fights or how to avoid accidents but we can help you protect your teeth while participating in athletics.  We offer Under Armour Mouth Guards that will… Read more »


The average person produces 25,000 quarts of saliva (spit) in a lifetime.  That is enough saliva to fill 2 swimming pools. Yet many people suffer from dry mouth.  Many things including aging, medication, and radiation to head and neck can cause dry mouth.  Dry mouth is annoying but can also lead to an increase in dental… Read more »