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“I love ’em all!”

I don’t even know where to begin. I’m not someone who exaggerates, but these people are changing my life. A month ago, if I drove past a dentist, I had to look the other way. Just thinking about a dentist would make me hyperventilate, but my job required me to go in professionally, and I had my guard up. Would they judge me? Would they look at me in disgust? Would they laugh at me behind my back?

What they did was very quietly and discreetly invite me back because I needed work. They weren’t pushy. They weren’t after a payday. They saw that I needed help and they were there for me. Dr. Wheelock saw me and with the kind of generosity and respect that still amazes me, somehow convinced me that it was time that I faced my problems before it got too bad to recover from.

I’m incredibly embarrassed not only by my teeth by by how upset I was just going near the chair, but NO ONE gave me a condescending look are made me feel uncomfortable. They cried with me as we worked the problem and got me past this barrier.

I’m not in denial anymore. I’m getting this fixed. They’re fixing it for me. I went from having panic attacks at their front door to actually looking forward to going inside and going forward, to looking forward to the next step.

You can’t tell me that this is just normal dentistry, and I can’t tell you exactly what it is that makes this place so special. Some combination of the right people, the right attitude, the right need to help? I don’t know. What I do know is that my family and I owe everyone there the biggest thank you. Everyone from Dr and Mrs Wheelock for bringing me in, to Dr Baller and Kim for actually have the patience to put up with me, and to everyone else on staff, I love ’em all.

Thank you

– May 1, 2017 | Jason Lee

“Thank You So Much!”

I am a new patient to Wheelock and Bursick. I called my dentist a couple of weeks ago because I had an abscess tooth and they couldn’t get me in, so after hearing great things about Wheelock and Bursick, I decided to try them. They got me in that day, and were able to find the issue and fix it. I had my root canal done yesterday by Dr. Bursick, and was in a bit of pain, but he made sure that I was as comfortable as possible, and even called me personally to check in after hours. I am overly amazed at the care I received being a brand new patient, and look forward to creating a long lasting relationship with this office! Thank you so much for being so caring and accommodating, and making it clear that my comfort was a priority! I can’t put into words how meaningful it has been to me!”

– February 21, 2017 | Katy Crawford

“Beyond Impressed!”

I am normally a patient if Dr. Bursick and am very happy with all of the procedures he’s done. However, today I had one wisdom tooth removed by Dr. Ballard (after a cleaning in the same day!). Everything went smoothly and he was very quick. Tonight, he personally called me to make sure everything was okay after the extraction. I am beyond impressed with the care I received from all of the staff and both doctors. Well done! Just another reason why I enjoy being a patient at Wheelock & Bursick!”

– April 4, 2017 | Kreighton Stokely

“Most Enjoyable Visit Ever!”

Most enjoyable visit ever. Excellent staff from top to bottom. In and out in good time. Rescheduling was simple. If your on the fence about seeing your dentist or not happy at your current office, go see Wheelock, Bursick, & Post on morningside ave in Sioux City, Ia.”

– February 9, 2017 | Nick Weaver

“I Would Recommend!”

Thank you to my cousin Dr. Doug Wheelock and his dental assistant,Tracey Pomerson, for doing an awesome job fixing my tooth today. If you need an awesome dentist that “caters to cowards’ I would recommend Wheelock and Bursick Dentistry any day even if he wasn’t my cousin!”

– January 10, 2017 | Brett Wheelock

“They Are Amazing!”

Went to the dentist (Doctor Wheelock) today to have a couple teeth filled. They are amazing!! They put cones out and when I got there, they came out…removed the cones, got my walker out and helped me into the building! They filled two teeth, no and out in a minimal amount of time. They have removed the fear of the dentist for me!!”

– October 28, 2015 | Gert Stevens