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This is hands down the best in dental care!
This is hands down the best in dental care! Staff treat you like family and make all the kids feel comfortable and even made sure they participated intheir own care! So happy to be patients here ?
– February 28, 2018 | Dana S
I am so happy that I decided to switch dentists.
I had a filling this morning with Doctor Wheelock. I am so happy that I decided to switch dentists. He is awesome!

When I had my teeth cleaned a few weeks ago, I told him that I had been dealing with pain on my lower left side for 2-3 years, he ended up shaving some off my bite and I have never felt it again. And……it literally took
him a second.

Today, he replaced an visible UGLY filling that I have hated for years and it looks AMAZING! I can’t tell you how much I love this office and the staff. They are all awesome!

– February 28, 2018 | Leah R
Great staff. Super friendly.
Great staff. Super friendly. Cutting edge dental technical. Plus great fishing tips and stories from Dr. Wheelock.
– February 21, 2018 | Chad P
The office has a real family atmosphere
I receive my checkups here on a regular basis. The office has a real family atmosphere, all employees are very talented, and my oral care could never be better!
– January 25, 2018 | Charles P
I would recommend them to anyone.
Dr. Baller and his assistant Tarey are absolutely phenomenal! I used to be scared of the going to the dentist, not anymore! I felt comfortable and in good hands the entire time of getting my crown replaced. Their humor helped keep me relaxed. It was a pleasant experience!! I would recommend them to anyone.!
– February 16, 2018 | Audra C
Dr Wheelock and is staff have been wonderful.
I’ve had a lot of work done on my teeth and as time went by it all started falling apart and my previous dentist had retired so I had to look for a new dentist. I was referred to Dr Wheelock by a friend and sounded like a place to try. Dr Wheelock and is staff have been wonderful to work with and very patient with me. They walked me through many decisions and I am so pleased I made the right choice. Dr Wheelock and his staff have been awesome to work with and have recommended them to anyone looking for a new dentist. They are the best!!
– February 16, 2018 | Vicki R
Would’t go any where else!
WE have been going here for over 30 years.We would’t go any where else! I had Dr. Baller yesterday for the first time..he was amazing! We normally have Dr. Wheelock but he is so busy!( and he thinks he only needs to work 3 days now 😉 ) They are the best here from the gals up front who are awesome at their job, to the gals in back,who are ALSO awesome at their job! You can’t go wrong with these Dentists and staff!
– December 28, 2017 | Shawn E
Great. Luv u guys
– December 19, 2017 | Keith S
Highly reccomended!
Awesome job I would recommend you to anybody!
– December 4, 2017 | Steve K
What a great place!
What a great place so much better than my old place newer equipment very nice office the people there are so friendly they made me very comfortable and what I loved about the whole thing is that they came up with a game plan on how they were going to assist me in the future
– December 1, 2017 | Dennis Daniels
Smiles are contagious!
Happy with my fixed tooth both of us enjoy very efficent and careing staff
smiles are contagious!
– November 17, 2017 | Jean R
They make me happy!
Luv it did a great job working on me an they had very good sense of humor
they make happy
– November 16, 2017 | Clifford P
The Only Dentist I’ll Go To!
Wouldn’t think of going anywhere else. Going to the dentist not my mostest favoritest thing to do but if I have to go Wheelock is the best
– October 31, 2017 | Troy Skokan
Great Place To Go!
It is a really great place to go I can’t think of anywhere that the dentist actually cares about their patients the way that they do my dentist and her assistant was really awesome.
– November 9, 2017 | Josh Wilde
One of my Best Visits Ever!
My visit to the dentist was one of the best I have ever had! I had a fear/phobia of the dentist, and I will say I no longer have it. Dr Wheelock put me at ease right from the start. This office makes each patient feel important!
– November 8, 2017 | Nancy Kruse Brockshus
Thank you!
Professional dentistry, in a caring environment. I highly recommend Dr. Ryan Baller and Tracy his dental assistant. Thank you!
– October 30, 2017 | Paula Parmelee
“Great Day!”

I had an issue with my partial, so called my dentist office. Dr. Wheelock was in and they said come right out, he’d look at it. They put cones out for me so I’d have a place to park. When I got there they came out and moved the cones and I tried my best to parallel park to no avail ?One of the girls offered to park it for me and I said “yes!!!” So I put me emergency blinkers on, they helped me get my walker out and into the office we went. Dr. Wheelock fixed my partial and one of the girls came out with me and put the walker back in the van and away I went!!!They are wonderful and amazing people there at Wheelock & Associates Dentistry.Then…while I was in the area, I called Sunkist Balery and asked them if I ordered some donuts, if they’d bring them out to the van!!!’ And she said “absolutely”!?

What great businesses they are!!!

– September 29, 2017 | Gert Stevens
“The Best Dentist Ever”
Dr. Ryan Baller is like some kind of a Dentist God! Hated every dentist I’ve ever been to in the past 50 years. Best experience ever with a dentist. Like it so much I keep going back and would take everyone of those amazing men and women out for a drink. So impressed with kindness and chairside manner! They laugh with you, joke with you and are very professional when need be. Would recommend them to anyone. Did I mention how nice all the ladies are!? Always happy. Always smiling!! Thanks!!
– September 28, 2017 | Sonny Finch
“The Best Place Ever!”
Each and Every “One” of those women in that place are awesome. Very comfortable place to be, and not a single one of them looked you up and down, (as women sometimes do). I loved my dentist and her assistant. They actually take the time to talk to you and they care about your teeth and not just the money. And….I can not forget to mention beautiful Kim Cochran. (She actually came in to check on me.)
– September 15, 2017 | Anonymous
“I love ’em all!”

I don’t even know where to begin. I’m not someone who exaggerates, but these people are changing my life. A month ago, if I drove past a dentist, I had to look the other way. Just thinking about a dentist would make me hyperventilate, but my job required me to go in professionally, and I had my guard up. Would they judge me? Would they look at me in disgust? Would they laugh at me behind my back?What they did was very quietly and discreetly invite me back because I needed work. They weren’t pushy. They weren’t after a payday. They saw that I needed help and they were there for me. Dr. Wheelock saw me and with the kind of generosity and respect that still amazes me, somehow convinced me that it was time that I faced my problems before it got too bad to recover from.

I’m incredibly embarrassed not only by my teeth by by how upset I was just going near the chair, but NO ONE gave me a condescending look are made me feel uncomfortable. They cried with me as we worked the problem and got me past this barrier.

I’m not in denial anymore. I’m getting this fixed. They’re fixing it for me. I went from having panic attacks at their front door to actually looking forward to going inside and going forward, to looking forward to the next step.

You can’t tell me that this is just normal dentistry, and I can’t tell you exactly what it is that makes this place so special. Some combination of the right people, the right attitude, the right need to help? I don’t know. What I do know is that my family and I owe everyone there the biggest thank you. Everyone from Dr and Mrs Wheelock for bringing me in, to Dr Baller and Kim for actually have the patience to put up with me, and to everyone else on staff, I love ’em all.

Thank you

– May 1, 2017 | Jason Lee
“I Would Recommend!”
Thank you to my cousin Dr. Doug Wheelock and his dental assistant,Tracey Pomerson, for doing an awesome job fixing my tooth today. If you need an awesome dentist that “caters to cowards’ I would recommend Wheelock & Associates Dentistry any day even if he wasn’t my cousin!”
– January 10, 2017 | Brett Wheelock
“They Are Amazing!”

Went to the dentist (Doctor Wheelock) today to have a couple teeth filled. They are amazing!! They put cones out and when I got there, they came out…removed the cones, got my walker out and helped me into the building! They filled two teeth, no and out in a minimal amount of time. They have removed the fear of the dentist for me!!”

– October 28, 2015 | Gert Stevens
“Comfort is Priority”
Dr Wheelock and staff are the consummate dental professionals. Every detail of dental health and patient comfort is top priority. I have been a patient for over twenty years.
October 3, 2017 | Karen Roos
“Great Staff”
Great staff. Super friendly. Cutting edge dental technical. Plus great fishing tips and stories from Dr. Wheelock.
February 21, 2018 | Chad P.
“The office has a real family atmosphere”
I receive my checkups here on a regular basis. The office has a real family atmosphere, all employees are very talented, and my oral care could never be better!
January 25, 2018 | Charles P.