Gum Disease Can Be Caused by a Variety of Factors

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In the battle for a safe and healthy smile, we must constantly care for our teeth and gums from any risks that seek to harm them. Sometimes, the risks come in the form of bacteria and the foods we eat. Other times, the risks can be external forces that we may have no control over. No matter what threats may come our way, Wheelock & Associates Dentistry reminds you that effective planning and risk prevention are some of the safest ways to protect yourself.

Gum disease can be caused by a variety of factors. Here are some of the most common types:

– People who suffer from diabetes are at a higher risk for infections, including gum disease.
– Gum disease can be caused by a saliva flow impairment. Many medications cause dry mouth symptoms.
– Sometimes gum disease can be caused by genetics alone. Some individuals tend to be more genetically liable to gum disease than others.
– Hormonal changes in girls and women could increase their risk for gingivitis, a predecessor to gum disease. The risk is due to heightened sensitivity in your gums.
– Smoking is a major risk factor for gum disease. Beyond the host of other ailments that could potentially arise, smoking can directly cause gum disease and lower your chances for a successful treatment of the disease. Chewing tobacco is also another risk factor.
– Treatments for various diseases, including cancer, can have a bad effect on your gums, potentially leading to gum disease.

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