How to Steer Clear of Oral Hazards

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If you want the greatest oral health imaginable, start by steering clear of oral hazards. Your tooth enamel – the outward most layer of your teeth – is strong, but it needs your help to stay that way. Here are some ways that you can avoid harming your teeth:

– Never smoke or chew tobacco or use recreational drugs. If you already have, believe that you can quit, and get started on your road to recovery.
-Never use your mouth as a bottle opener; this is an effortless way to chip and crack your teeth.
– If you play extreme or contact sports, be certain to wear headgear and/or a mouth guard to protect your teeth and jaw.
– Evade nibbling on items like pens and pencils. This can cause a TMJ disorder in your jaw or loosen or crack a tooth.
– Circumvent tough and thick substances that can crack your teeth, like hard candies, ice, corn on the cob, and corn kernels.
– Dodge mouth jewelry; it’s a choking hazard, can chip and crack teeth, and even can cause infection.

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