Is Teeth Cleaning Necessary?  

January 4, 2022

Are you tired of staring at your yellow, unevenly shaded teeth? Teeth cleaning in Sioux City, IA is a vital aspect in keeping your mouth healthy and your smile dazzling for years ahead! It should be an essential component of your annual routine

Dental cleaning allows dentists to examine your teeth and determine whether or not any work is required. Basic cleaning, plaque removal, scaling, plaque removal, and basic cleaning will revitalize your smile. X-rays may be used to confirm that nothing is wrong beneath the enamel surface and gums.  

Lady having her Teeth Cleaning in Sioux City IA

Importance of Teeth Cleaning 

Why is it Necessary?

After each snack, plaque and bacteria build up on the teeth. Mouthwash and regular brushing and flossing are all good ways to keep your teeth clean on a daily basis, but germs can build up on your teeth and between your gums and teeth. These germs will erode your teeth, resulting in teeth discoloration and cavities. 

Your gums can also be infected by bacteria, producing discomfort and inflammation. Dental scaling is a term used to describe deep cleaning. In this treatment, bacteria and plaque are removed beneath the gums using various devices. 

Additionally, teeth cleaning also reduces the risk of bone loss. Plaque and bacteria will break down teeth if they are not cleaned regularly, leading to loose and irritated gums.  

Can Teeth Cleaning Damage Your Teeth?  

Dental cleaning is a vital component in maintaining a healthy smile. They will not only keep your smile looking great for years to come, but they will also help you avoid unpleasant oral concerns.   

Teeth cleanings conducted by a qualified, competent hygienist and dentist will not harm your teeth. This treatment will only remove harmful materials from your teeth and determine whether you have cavities or infections – nothing more, nothing less.  

How Long Does a Teeth Cleaning Take?  

Teeth cleanings usually take an hour; however, this can vary based on other treatments and work that needs to be done. Every dental clinic practice provides a wide range of gum and tooth treatments. For instance, to preserve your dental health, oral cancer tests can be incorporated into cleanings. To maintain your teeth and mouth, dentists can also recommend fluoride treatments and dry mouth therapy.   

What Do Dental Professionals Do During a Cleaning?   

Cleanings are frequently performed by oral hygienists while dental specialists treat and work with other patients. Once the cleaning is done, dentists will check your teeth and look into any concerns the oral hygienist raised. They will give you the go-ahead to finish your cleaning once they have given your teeth the green light.  

Is It Painful to Get Teeth Cleaned?  

While most people only suffer slight discomfort and irritation when having their teeth cleaned, there are a few conditions that can make the procedure more painful:  

  • Temporomandibular disorders that may cause jaw pain  
  • Cleanings are spaced out over an extended length of time  
  • Tooth decay, gum disease, or inflammation can cause dental sensitivity 

Nonetheless, the root cause of this pain and discomfort is not teeth cleaning. Any pain should be communicated to the oral hygienist. Once the cause of the pain is determined, your hygienist may allow the patient to take a break or attempt an alternative procedure.  

Woman going to have her Teeth Cleaning in Sioux City IA

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