Where Bad Breath Comes From

Do you have consistent bad breath that makes your daily conversations stressful? If so, you are not alone. Having bad breath, also known as halitosis, is a common condition that often goes untreated until other serious situations occur. That is why our team here at Wheelock & Associates Dentistry in Sioux City, Iowa, is happy to talk to you about... read more »

Know the Causes of Gum Disease to Avoid It

By understanding the causes of gum disease, did you know you can help yourself avoid it? Oral health is important and too often goes overlooked, which leads to painful and costly results. Luckily, gum disease is a condition that can be avoided and Our dental team here at Wheelock & Associates Dentistry in Sioux City, Iowa, wants you to have... read more »

Gum Disease Can Be Caused by a Variety of Factors

In the battle for a safe and healthy smile, we must constantly care for our teeth and gums from any risks that seek to harm them. Sometimes, the risks come in the form of bacteria and the foods we eat. Other times, the risks can be external forces that we may have no control over. No matter what threats may... read more »

Have You Heard About Invisalign®?

Have you heard about Invisalign®? If not, it is an extremely popular form of orthodontic aligner system that is custom designed based on your dental profile. The most exciting part of Invisalign lies in the materials used to make it, a patented thermoplastic, which grants the aligners the ability to be removed on command. In addition, because they are clear,... read more »