The Main Options for Teeth Whitening

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Do you have lingering discoloration or tooth stains that you would like to improve with cosmetic dentistry? If so, we invite you to consider teeth whitening to brighten up your tooth enamel and reduce the appearance of staining. You can choose from a variety of teeth whitening options to find the dental service that works well for you.

We offer a review of popular teeth whitening options, including commercial products and professional care, to help you choose your method.

The main types of teeth whitening either use a peroxide bleach to break up deep tooth stains or offer a less-powerful chemical that can address surface staining only. To help you choose the optimal whitening method for your teeth, you are welcome to speak with our dentist, Dr. Dr Ryan Baller.

Certain products found in stores and online can cause you to develop adverse effects, including gum irritation, bleached gums and tooth sensitivity, especially if the dental tray doesn’t fit or the product is used incorrectly. We invite you to visit our office to ask about a commercial product and whether it can safely deliver the desired results.

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