Food That Can Compromise Your Teeth

February 1, 2023

Everyone makes an effort to be mindful of their eating habits and how they impact our bodies and dental health. According to a dentist in Sioux City, IA, our teeth must be considered as well, not simply our physical appearance. Some foods are unhealthy for us even before they reach our stomachs.  

We've discussed some foods most effective at encouraging a healthy smile, but what about the meals you should avoid? Which foods have the potential to compromise or harm your teeth? The foods that are the worst for your teeth are listed here.  

Dentist in Sioux City IA warns against drinking sugary drinks

Eat These Foods in Moderation    

Sour Candy  

Candy is one of the worst foods for your teeth, but when sour is added, the sugary delight becomes even more damaging to your teeth. Your teeth must withstand the different acids in addition to the candy's overwhelming amount of sugar when you eat sour candy. Citric acid is a strong substance that can damage your teeth and wear down the enamel.  

Sticky Food  

Even nutritious foods that are sticky can occasionally harm your teeth. In addition to being loaded with sugar, caramels and taffy can loosen fragile teeth or pull-out fillings. Sugar-rich dried fruits like raisins, dates, and apricots tend to linger in awkward locations because of their sticky nature. To get these foods out of your gums and off the surface of your teeth, you need to floss frequently and use toothpicks. Hence, it is essential to not forget to floss and brush frequently!  

Acidic Fruits and Vegetables    

Fruits and vegetables are essential for a balanced diet, yet some may be bad for your teeth. Oranges, grapefruits, and tomatoes are extremely acidic fruits and vegetables that can erode dental enamel. As previously noted, teeth with weaker enamel are more vulnerable to cavities and decay.  

However, you don’t have to shun these foods because they are rich in nutrients and beneficial to your health. If you eat them, make sure you do so with other foods and have a decent oral hygiene practice.  

Starchy Foods  

The crisp crunch of a potato chip or the buttery deliciousness of a cracker is both quite satisfying. Every year, the average person eats pounds of snacks and starchy meals. You can never eat just one, as with most treats. Starchy meals get gummy and adhere to and between your teeth, similar to white bread. If you decide to eat your favorite bag of chips, brush and floss your teeth afterward to remove any lingering food particles and keep your teeth healthy.  


Alcohol always has a love-hate connection. Despite claims to the contrary, research indicates that a glass of red wine is good for the heart. Even if you remove all the sugar that is often present in alcoholic beverages, drinking alcohol tends to dehydrate you and make your mouth dry.  

A dry mouth indicates that you aren't creating enough saliva to wash away toxins and leftover food particles from your mouth and teeth. This can lead to tooth decay in addition to making your breath smell terrible.  


Is your dental health worth losing the best part of waking up for? In their naturally brewed versions, coffee (or tea) can benefit your health. However, many individuals find it difficult to tolerate the flavor of black coffee without a tinge of sweetness. As we've already stated, sugar is bad for your dental health.  

Caffeinated drinks cause you to lose water weight and dry up your tongue. Tooth decay is accelerated by a lack of saliva. In addition, coffee has a reputation for discoloring teeth and contributing to poor breath. We're not saying you have to give up coffee, but use caution and drink lots of water.  

Dentist in Sioux City IA discourages drinking sugary smoothie

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If you want to learn more about how to keep your smile bright and healthy, we recommend visiting your dentist.  

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