Reasons You Have Sleep Apnea

November 2, 2022

Perhaps your partner keeps prodding you in the night to get you to stop snoring so loudly. Additionally, even though you were in bed by 9:00 p.m., you still nod off during business meetings. It's apparent that you and your partner are not getting the best sleep possible. One of the common reasons is you have sleep apnea. In Sioux City, Iowa, several dentists can help you manage sleep apnea. Read on to learn why you have this condition and to know who to contact.  

Woman with sleep apnea Sioux City Iowa

Causes and Symptoms of Sleep Apnea  

What Are the Causes?  

Men are two to three times as likely as women to develop sleep apnea. But women can also develop sleep apnea, particularly if they have other risk factors.  

As you become older, your risk of developing sleep apnea rises. The American Academy of Family Physicians believes that 1-5% of children have obstructive sleep apnea when they are between two and eight years old. However, younger individuals and children can also be diagnosed with sleep apnea.  

  • Sleeping Position  

Those who sleep on their backs frequently snore. When you lie on your back to sleep, the tissues in the back of your throat are likely to fold over readily. Your airway becomes blocked due to the soft tissue collapsing, which results in snoring. Try sleeping on your side if you snore while on your back. You might stop snoring as a result, which would, later on, improve the quality of your sleep.  

  • Bad Habits  

If you smoke or drink alcoholic beverages a lot, you probably snore frequently. Regular snoring can be a result of drinking alcohol before bed. Alcohol makes your muscles more relaxed, which will restrict ventilation and make you snore. Smoking, on the other hand, irritates and inflames your throat muscles and nasal passages, disrupting airflow and making you snore.  

  • Weight  

It's more likely that you snore if you're overweight. This is caused by the extra fat tissues that accumulate inside your brain, together with weak or nonexistent muscular tone. Heavy and even violent snoring will result from this.  

  • Age  

Most people know that as we age, our bodies start to lose muscle tone. This makes even routine activities like sleeping more difficult for your body to perform. Additionally, the muscles in your throat and tongue will become less defined.  

What Are the Symptoms?

  • Daytime Symptom  

The symptoms of daytime sleep apnea include fatigue, taking naps more often, easily depressed or irritated, and daily headaches. Slumbering even when you don't intend to is a common symptom. For instance, you fall asleep while driving, watching television, or working. You are more likely to be involved in a car accident or suffer an injury at work if you have sleep apnea.  

  • Evening Symptom  

Symptoms of nighttime sleep apnea include insomnia, erratic sleeping, frequent urinating at night, frequent awakening, abrupt breathing, heavy breathing when asleep, and snoring loudly.  

Woman suffers Sleep Apnea and visits his dentist Sioux City Iowa

Ask a Sleep Apnea Expert in Sioux City, Iowa for Prevention Tips  

You can take steps to lessen your risk of obtaining sleep apnea or stop it from becoming worse. For instance, you can alter the position in which you sleep. Your airway is more likely to stay open if you sleep on your side as opposed to your back. Hence, it’ll be better if you sleep on your side.  

  • Give up smoking - Obstructive sleep apnea is three times as common among smokers than in non-smokers. Putting a stop on smoking can lower your chances.  
  • Limit or stop using alcohol, drugs, and sleep aids - It's advisable to stop taking anything that makes your airways more relaxed or changes the way you breathe. Contact your doctor if you're unsure whether you can stop such medications.  
  • Use a humidifier - It could be more difficult to breathe if the air in your bedroom is dry. A humidifier can help you breathe easier and reduce congestion.  

Up to 80% of those with sleep apnea may regrettably go misdiagnosed. Schedule an appointment with us if you want to know if you have sleep apnea.

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