Dentures and Smoking

March 13, 2023

Did you get dentures in Sioux City, Iowa? Are you a smoker? If yes, you need to be aware that smoking can harm your gum health and make it more difficult for your dentures to fit. Thus, it is highly recommended to quit if you wear dentures. You can learn more about the dangers of smoking by reading the following information.

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Reasons Why Smoking Harms Gum Health

Limits Blood Flow  

The nicotine in cigarettes limits blood flow in your blood vessels, including those in your mouth. Any blood circulation to your gums is consequently restricted. The gum tissue heals more slowly or has trouble rebuilding when the blood flow is restricted.    

Likewise, the objective is to keep your gums healthy and free of infection if you wear dentures. Smoking may make this challenging. Additionally, it speeds up the loss of bone density. When this happens, it may have a negative impact on your smile and dental health.        

Smoking is never a good habit, regardless of whether you have dentures. Tobacco stains natural and fake teeth, making it more difficult to maintain dentures or natural teeth.  

Reduce the Comfort of Dentures    

The soft tissues in the mouth are irritated by tobacco smoke, which makes them swollen, sensitive, and inflammatory. This can affect a person's ability to speak and normally eat, making even a well-fitting denture unpleasant.      

Cause Dentures to Smell    

Modern dentures can absorb scents over time because the materials used to produce them are slightly porous. This is a major justification for brushing or soaking dentures every night to maintain them smelling good. However, even if a smoker frequently cleans their denture, the stale smell of tobacco can still readily permeate into the appliance and cause foul breath.      

Leave Stains      

Cigarette smoke may stain teeth, as is well known, but it can also do the same to dentures. A dental prosthetic can develop a yellowish, brownish hue from cigarette tar and chemicals adhering to it like natural enamel.      

Causes More Bone Loss      

The jawbone naturally decreases and morphs over time when teeth are lost. To ensure a correct fit, a person must have their dentures relined regularly. Smokers experience a tremendous acceleration of this process, which causes even brand-new dentures to lose their secure position years faster than anticipated.      

Tips for Aftercare      

Beware of the Denture Seal    

When attaching your dentures to your gums, use the proper glue. Small food particles can stick in cracks and cause bad breath if a strong seal is not made. The moisture that maintains your breath smelling lovely and fresh is provided by saliva. The natural cleansing power of your saliva can be enhanced by choosing the correct adhesive. Additionally, some denture adhesives have antimicrobial properties that enhance breath quality.      

Always Keep Your Dentures Moist      

Dentures will dry out if you don't keep them hydrated. As a result, dry dentures deform with time. Therefore, it is imperative to remember to soak your dentures every night or whenever you’re not using them. For soaking, use clean water or a denture cleaner.

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Don’t Let Hot Water Touch Your Dentures When Dining in Sioux City Iowa        

Dentures should not be submerged in warmer water than room temperature as they will distort, become deformed, and may even need replacement. Give us a call for more denture care tips.

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